Basically, this is babushka training in Brooklyn Chicago.

I grew up in the midwest to Polish immigrant parents.  While living in New York I turned into a grandma (or more appropriately a babushka) who would knit and bake pies all weekend. And I embraced it.  I didn’t grow up with my grandmothers, just a mother who made sure I was interested in many things, and who was a DIY kind-of woman.  The best kind-of women to be!  So now it’s my turn.  Be the best future babushka I can be.

This is my space to experiment and play.  What you will find here is seasonal recipes and other things I am inspired to make or DIY projects and tips. I am super nostalgic and will try to make a lot of Polish food, midwestern food and sometimes Russian and Armenian (for my husband).  Lately I am really inspired by how many of our cultural foods already have so many of the wonderful healthy trends we look for like gluten free grains, fermentation and natural sugars and I am excited to explore that!